Always Best Prices

We always take into account the best price on the day we quote so you know the full cost of your project upfront.

Bear in mind prices will depend on how long and how high the retaining wall needs to be, materials needed, access and scheduling. If you’d like a bit of information give us a call and we can guide you through the quoting process.

I have plans - does this help?

We can work off Site Plans to quote for your project.

Will our excavation be enough or will we need advice on this?

We really need to view the project in some instances, and if there needs additional excavation we’ll advise you on the reasons and arrange for this to be taken care of. Unfortunately some jobs do require extra excavation to ensure a compliant finish.

Will we need a site visit or are our Site Plans enough?

We always visit the site prior to finalising the quote so we can make sure there’s no hidden costs and that the site plans match with the requirements. It’s also where we can advise any final suggestions if required depending on the site.

How long does the quoting process take?

Once we receive your details usually quoting a job can take around half an hour once we’re on site and can visually prep the area.

Do we have to book in advance?

With the amount of building work happening at the moment in and around Victoria we do need to book in jobs in advance, we’d be happy to work to your schedule so let us know your plans and we can arrange a smooth installation of your new retaining wall.

Do you need good access

Without a doubt! Without access we can’t get the machinery in we’ll need to build your retaining wall – we’ll advise the availability at the quoting stage.

If there is no access to the site then we will need to create access for the work to be undertaken – again we’ll advise the requirements at the quoting stage.

What is better Concrete Sleepers or Treated Pine Sleepers?

It does depend on the slope of the land, the type of job, what the wall needs to retain and other reasons. We’ll advise on the day of inspection what we would personally recommend.

How deep do you go and how big is the diameter of the hole?

Generally 450mm circumference, the depth depends on the height of wall although this will always be done to guide line specifications.

Do you use concrete for filling holes?

Without a doubt!